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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Upcoming Events

* Visiting Anthropologist Lectures on Ancestor Worship among the Iban of Borneo

Join us for a Lecture by a Visiting Anthropologist.
Title: Cultural Traditions and Human Evolution
Speaker: Dr. Kyle Clark, PhD in Anthropology from the University of Missouri
Date: Monday, April 24, 4:30 pm
Location: Hyde Hall 14
Description: Humans possess a wide array of distinctive features, one of which is the development of cultural traditions. In this talk, Dr. Clark will delve into the evolutionary significance of cultural traditions and provide insights into how and why they emerged. Of particular interest will be the phenomenon of ancestor worship, as he discusses a mechanism for its evolution and its potential role in shaping human societies based on his research among the Iban of Borneo, Indonesia.
Sponsored by the Department of Archaeology.

Submitted by Alan Kaiser
* UE Community Band to Perform Thursday Night

The UE Community Band will perform Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. in Neu Chapel. Selections will include compositions by Gustav Holst, Leroy Anderson, John Philip Sousa and more.
Come and listen to UE music students perform alongside community members in this free concert. A live stream is also available at

Submitted by Amy Esche
* ECTE Lunch Bunch this Thursday

Faculty and staff, join us for chips and salsa at Lunch Bunch this Thursday, April 20th from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Philips Alcove (Ridgway 2nd floor). No need to RSVP. Stay as little or as long as your schedule allows. There is no agenda or presentation for these gatherings. Lunch Bunch is a way to offer faculty and staff a common place to get together. We hope to see you this Thursday for our last Lunch Bunch of the semester! ECTE Team: Kyle, Stephanie & Diana

Submitted by Diana Rodríguez Quevedo
* UE Student Research and Honors Symposium - April 19

The campus community is invited to attend the 2023 UE Student Research and Honors Symposium on Wednesday, April 19. The event will be held from 9:00am-5:00pm in Eykamp 251/252 and will showcase the scholarly activities of students of diverse disciplines across UE’s campus, including the graduating seniors of the Honors Program. Panels will be held each hour throughout the day, and you are invited to attend your choice of panels as your schedule permits. View a detailed schedule of presentations.

We hope you will join us to support the fantastic work of our UE students.

Submitted by Jayme Williams
* The Hands That Create - Senior Art Exhibition April 17-May 5

Please join the Seniors in the Department of Art as we celebrate their group exhibition, The Hands That Create. There are two opportunities to visit the exhibition and speak to the artists. The first date is April 20th from 5-7 pm and the second is May 5th, 4:30-6pm. The exhibition is located in the Melvin Peterson Gallery.

The seniors are Lilly Boring, Jasmine Brents, Zoe Dennis, Rachel Fisher, Hannah Holbrook, Baylee Minton, and Niamh Steffens. Ian Leonhardt also contributed to the exhibition with the original music.

The Melvin Peterson Gallery is open during the week with posted hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, 12-3pm
Wednesday and Thursday, 12-6pm

Hope to see you at either reception.

Department of Art

Submitted by Carol McCraney
* UE Jazz Band Concert - Jazzy TV Theme Songs

UE Jazz Band will be performing music from Cowboy Bebop - Tank!, Bob Newhart, Sanford & Son, Family Guy, Sesame Street, Frazier, Barney Miller, The Simpsons, Hawaii Five-0, Peanuts, Fairly Odd Parents, Law & Order, and Get Smart. Our very own Luke Robertson (lead alto) has arranged three charts for this concert and Mr. Brian Esche has created an accompanying video. We will also be in the newly renovated Wheeler Concert Hall. The concert is FREE and is on Sunday April 23 at 4:00 PM.

Submitted by Tim Zifer
* FREE Lollys Pops

The University of Evansville really needs your help to get to the 60 percent goal for the campus survey completion! The response rate is currently at 9 percent, but if by next Friday, April 21, UE reaches the goal, Lollys Pops will come to campus as a special thank you!

The survey is completely anonymous and takes less than 10 minutes!

If UE reaches this goal, there will also be a a $500 donation made to United Sound. This organization was created through a ChangeLab, and its purpose is to give students with disabilities an opportunity to learn how to read and play music and perform in a concert.

Please share your feedback with UE at your earliest convenience!

A photo of the Lollys Pops truck

Submitted by Holly Smith /
* Journey to Justice - June 10-17, 2023

From June 10-17, 2023, the University of Evansville will lead an eight-day Journey to Justice bus tour. Travelers will venture through cities of the South to explore the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Students on this journey will learn important, valuable lessons at each stop for an impactful experience of personal reflection and application within their own community.

Journey to Justice is open to current students, high school students age 15 and older, middle school and high school teachers, and adult community members!

Earn College Credit
Through this opportunity, students can earn three college credits. While the Journey to Justice bus tour will be an exciting trip, it will also be an interactive experience as part of Social Justice Movements, an ethics course. Students who register can apply this towards the Ethics & Social Change major or a general education requirement. Some assignments will be completed during the trip, while others will be given before and after returning.

Site Visits
Journey to Justice will include site visits at:

  • Evansville, Indiana
  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Selma, Alabama
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Louisville, Kentucky

Popular attractions will include the National Voting Rights Museum, Beale Street, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Edmund Pettus Bridge, Rosa Parks Museum, and more.

Registration details and tuition costs are available at the Journey to Justice webpage. A limited number of scholarships are available for high school students.

For an in-depth recap by participants of the 2022 Journey to Justice, watch this video.

The deadline to register is April 30, so don't wait to sign up!

Submitted by Julie Beer /
* 2023 Spring Crick Lecture by Shannon Proksch, PhD

This year's Spring Crick Lecture will take place on Thursday April 20 at 4:00 PM in a Zoom format. The lecture will be presented by Shannon Proksch, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Augustana University. The title of the lecture is “Acoustic social interactions: emergent crowd dynamics at a basketball game”.

When multiple individuals interact in a conversation or as part of a large crowd, emergent structure and dynamics arise that are behavioral properties of the interacting group rather than of any individual member of that group. In other words, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Such is the case for fans gathered together to watch a basketball game – at times coordinating their acoustical behavior into well-practiced chants, loosely coordinated cheers, or cacophonous distracting noise. Individual fans in the crowd “softly assemble” into certain functional patterns of acoustic behavior for periods of time, alternately enacting a collective, coordinated “we” or acting as a collection of individuals. These chants, cheers, and noise are examples of different levels of coordination among members of the crowd. In this talk, Dr. Proksch will discuss how tools from dynamical systems theory can be used to detect these coordination modes by analyzing the acoustic behavior generated by an interacting crowd.

Zoom Meeting Info
Meeting ID: 865 294 1995
Passcode: purple

For further information, contact Vincent Campese at

Submitted by Cheryl Emmons

Changemaker Corner

* Join a ChangeLab this fall

Are you looking at the world around you and asking, “What if”?

Are you interested in helping the community to innovate for a more just, prosperous, and sustainable world?

Do you need to add a course and not sure what to take?

ChangeLab is for YOU!

All ChangeLab Students receive presentation coaching workshops, team building guided by expert coaches and project management resume building skills!

Here are just a few of the ChangeLabs YOU can choose from for Fall 2023!

YUMMY (CHNG 310-05) - Explore ways to offer EVSC students with free, hot, healthy lunches.

Health Equity in Evansville (CHNG 310-01) - Examine marginalized healthcare case studies, hear from professionals in the field, and learn exhibition strategies. The end goal or product would be for students to use the information to create an exhibition about health equity in Evansville.

Equitable and Nourishing Food System for All (CHNG 310-07)- Students will collaborate with Urban Seeds, a not-for-profit organization advocating for a quality, equitable, and robust food system.

UE Audio/Visual: Creative Tech in a Changing World (CHNG 310-Y04) - Projects will encompass any Audio/Visual necessities of the campus and community.

A complete list can be found on Self-Service. Look for CHNG 300 and CHNG 310 courses! Honors sections are also available.

Submitted by Andrew Carter

Info You Should Know

* April 27 Obsolete Electronics Recycling - Hale loop drive from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Students and employees (faculty, administrators and staff) can bring the following personal, obsolete electronic equipment to be recycled at no cost:
• LCD displays, LCD TV’s and LCD monitors, computers, printers, fax machines, laptops, cell phones, PDAs, cables, circuit boards, connectors, electrical equipment, audio video equipment, DVD players, stereos, radios, calculators, speakers, VCRs. Small quantities of batteries will be accepted.

The following items will NOT be accepted:
• CRT TV’s and CRT computer monitors
• Fluorescent light bulbs (including compact bulbs), refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, stoves, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, leaking or enlarged batteries and any other items C&I deems unallowable
• Electronics owned by the University.

NOTE: The cost of processing CRT TV’s and CRT computer monitors has increased significantly, and the University is no longer able to cover these items.

Accepted items included: TVs, computers, monitors, printers, hard drives, laptops, fax/scanners, cell phones, DVD players, digital cameras, modems

Not Accepted: copy machines, microwaves, appliances

For more information or questions contact Amber Elkins at ae152 or 2697.

Submitted by Amber Elkins
* Bring Paper to be Shredded – April 27 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Free off site paper shredding by Piranha Mobile Shredding will return to the campus once again! All UE students, faculty, staff and alumni can take advantage of this free service by bringing paper to the Piranha truck in Koch parking lot. Paper will be shredded offsite.

So, if mounds of paper are taking over your office, home, or room, this is the time to gather those old files, receipts, cancelled checks, tax forms, etc. No need to take out the staples or paper clips. Avoid identity theft by having confidential information permanently destroyed.

Please no telephone books, magazines or newspapers. Also, please note that there is a 100lb. paper limit per visit (number of visits is not limited).

Submitted by Amber Elkins
* Stipends available for summer 2023 internships

The Center for Career Development has a limited number of stipends available to students completing an unpaid or minimally paid internship each semester. There are still stipends available for Summer 2023.

The Center for Career Development stipends:

  • Are for a maximum of $500 based on the number of hours being worked.
  • Are offered to students within the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education and Health Sciences
  • Are offered to undergraduate students only.
  • Each student is eligible to receive a total stipend amount of $500 in their undergraduate college career.
  • If interested, please contact the Center for Career Development at or 812-488-1083 for an application.
Submitted by Amanda Wood
* Summer Work Study Position Available

Going to be in Evansville and/or on campus this summer? The Center for Career Development has an office assistant position available for a total of 150 hours (to be worked anytime between May 8th and August 19th). You do NOT have to qualify for federal work study to accept this summer position. See posting in WebAdvisor for more details. Applications can be submitted to Amanda Wood (aw505).

Submitted by Amanda Wood
* Episode 4 and 4.5 of The Crescent Sports Report with Troy Schroeder is now available

Episode 4 and 4.5 of The Crescent Sports Report with Troy Schroeder is now available.

The University of Evansville Student Media team is now producing The Crescent Sports Report, a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing the Evansville community the latest and greatest in sports news and entertainment. The podcast features the brother duo of Troy and Cole Schroeder, along with fellow UE students Evan Barr and Austin Hernandez. To catch to the latest episode, stream The Crescent Sports Report on Spotify now. Tune in weekly and follow the Crescent Magazine social media accounts to make sure you don’t miss any updates!

Submitted by Tommmy J Housman
* Andiron Lecture Series 2023-2024 (Call for Papers)

UE faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to submit an abstract for papers on any aspect of their research or expertise for the 2023-2024 Andiron Lectures Series. All disciplines and fields of study are welcome to submit proposals.

Please send the following by email:
A 50-word abstract with
Name, Academic Affiliation/ Occupation, Paper title, and Contact Information

to: Ray Lutgring at with a Cc to Cheryl Emmons at . These will be forwarded to the Andiron Lecture Committee for consideration.

Nominations for off-campus speakers can be sent by email to Ray Lutgring at with a Cc to Cheryl Emmons at ; she will forward them to the Andiron Lecture committee for consideration.

Submitted by Cheryl Emmons
* 2023-24 Reeves Foundation Scholarship

The Reeves Foundation was established in 1966 under the terms of the Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Isabel B. Reeves, wife of Judge Ollie C. Reeves, who both resided for many years in Vanderburgh County and firmly believed in the attainment of higher education. Through their frugal efforts and generosity, this scholarship fund has been established to perpetuate their belief.

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must be enrolled as full-time students and be Vanderburgh County residents. An essay is also required.
The application can be found here.
Deadline: Please return all materials to the Office of Student Financial Services by May 1, 2023.
Questions: Amber Chandler, Administrative Assistant to the Office of Student Financial Services, at or 812-488-2364.

Submitted by Amber Chandler
* Computer Science Courses offered during Summer Sessions

Dr. Maxwell Omwnega will be offering CS-101and CS-210 during Summer Session I (May 15 thru June 17) and Summer Session II (June 19 thru July 21) Register today to save your spot in these courses!

Submitted by Tonya Albright
* Tear down walls! Build bridges! Latino Community Outreach

If you would like to contribute to tearing down walls and building bridges, and if you have studied Spanish in high school or college or are a native speaker, please consider signing up for CHNG-310-S02 Latino Community Outreach. We run different projects within the ChangeLab to meet the needs of the Latino community as they arise. Our two areas of focus are healthcare and education. The common themes of all our projects are appreciation of diversity, inclusivity and respect, multicultural understanding, and the correction of stereotypes.

You can take the course for 0,1, 2, or 3 credit hours so that it works optimally in your schedule. If you would like more details on the Latino Community Outreach projects or have any questions, please contact Dr. Cindy Crowe at

Submitted by Cindy Crowe
* 2023-24 Dr. Marvin E. Hartig Scholarship

Family, friends and loved ones of the late Dr. Marvin E. Hartig are pleased to announce the application process for the Dr. Marvin E. Hartig Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is dedicated to the loving memory of Dr. Hartig, Dean of Evansville College’s Evening College in 1967, and administrator for the Center for Advanced Study, director of the Evansville chapter of the American Institute of Banking (AIB), and the international student advisor. In 1974, Dr. Hartig was appointed Dean of Academic Services. He retired in 1984 after serving his alma mater for thirty-five years and passed away in 2007.

This scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving sophomore student. Preference will be given to a student working while being enrolled as a full-time student. International students are encouraged to apply.
Eligible students for the 2023-2024 Hartig Memorial Scholarship will be sophomores in the 2023-2024 academic year.

The application can be found online.

Deadline: Please return all materials to the Office of Student Financial Services by May 5, 2023. The decision will be announced by May 26, 2023.

Questions: Amber Chandler, Administrative Assistant to the Office of Student Financial Services, at or 812-488-2364.

Submitted by Amber Chandler
* Seeking financial Aid for summer courses?

UE students seeking financial aid or intending to use loan funds for summer courses at UE, please complete a Summer Financial Aid Application and return to the Office of Student Financial Services (Olmsted 105) however is most convenient. The application will allow our office to assess your financial aid and loan eligibility.


On-campus jobs are available for continuing UE students during the summer. You do not need to be eligible for need-based Federal Work-Study during the academic year in order to apply. You may also apply regardless of your enrollment in summer courses. Applications will be available within the Student Employment area of WebAdvisor.

Submitted by Amy Sowders


* National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Winners

The drawing was held for students who completed the NSSE Survey by April 15. The Apple Watch winners were first-year student, Jacovia Young and senior, Jacob Moffat. The Ear bud winners were first-year students, Irene Hernanz Pacios and Odera Ijeomah. Senior winners were Luciano Albanese and Rebecca Conoway. Congratulations and thanks to all who have completed the survey to this point.

The survey remains open until May 15. First-year students and seniors still have time to complete the survey as your voice matters!

Submitted by Paula Heldt
* Two Civil Engineering Seniors receive ASCE Indiana Section Award

Two University of Evansville Civil Engineering seniors, Sarah Lambright and Weston Miller, were presented awards at The American Society of Civil Engineers Indiana Section meeting in Carmel, IN. On April 18, 2023, the ASCE Indiana Section presented the awards: For demonstrating exemplary performance and potential in Civil Engineering.
The School of Engineering and Computer Science would like to congratulate Sarah and Weston on this achievement.

Submitted by Tonya Albright
* Eta Lambda Chapter of Sigma inductes new members

The University of Evansville Eta Lambda Chapter of Sigma International Honor Society of Nursing inducted new members in a ceremony April 26, 2023. Inductees included Juniors, Chole Carlin, Emily Fortune, Mary Franklin, Jacy Hughes, Olivia McIntire, Adeline O’Brian, Lane Smith. Seniors, inductees included Anna Bury, Emily Hudson, Caitlin Kehler, Sydney Koplinski, Johnna Mitchell along with Nurse Leader, Joanie Moyer, MSN, RN were inducted. Alexa Wheeler received the Key Award. Special thanks to volunteers Heather Mathis and previously inducted members Alexa Wheeler, Emily McMonigle and Delany Herrmann for assisting with the induction of new members. Ellen Wathen, PhD, MSN, RN provided the keynote address. The mission of Sigma International is advancing world health and celebrating nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.

Submitted by Theresa Price
* Sociology Programs Announce Annual Award Winners

The Sociology Programs announced the winners of their annual awards:
Hanns G. Pieper Sociology and Criminal Justice Senior Research Award: Kaitlyn Collins (CJ '23)
James Berry Sociology and Criminal Justice Outstanding Junior Award: Majestica Weatherford (SOC/PSYC '24)
Mary Rode Petkovsek and Ludwig A. Petkovsek Sociology and Criminal Justice Outstanding Service Award: Haley Worland (CJ/SOC/PSYC '24)
Inaugural Lowell A. Dunigan Award for Outstanding Research in Gerontology: Brandi Borchers (Theatre Design and Technology '23)

Congratulations to these exceptional students!

Submitted by Mari Plikuhn
* Students Present Posters at Research in Gerontology Symposium

On Tuesday, April 11, students presented posters at the Research in Gerontology Symposium, hosted by the UE Gerontology Center. The symposium featured posters from a variety of majors on the following topics:

"Dead or Alive: How Aquamation is Changing the Responsibilities of the Dead," Claire Abner ‘24 (Environmental Administration)
"The Relationship between Spirituality and Death," Nuha Adeel ‘24 (Educational Studies)
"Restorative Art: A Coping Mechanism for Grieving Families," Paige Beard ‘23 (Sociology)
"Death with Dignity: How Can It Help?" Brandi Borchers ’23 (Theatre Design and Technology)
"Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide," Emily Burleson ‘23 (Health Services Administration)
"Life after Death: Studying Egyptian Funerary Rituals," Sophia Caci ’25 (Archaeology)
"What Does Suicide and the Societal Reaction Look Like across the World?" Emily Clark ‘23 (Psychology)
"Maternal Mortality: A Racialized Issue Fueled by Access to Safe Abortion," Kaitlyn Collins ’23 (Criminal Justice)
"Psilocybin Therapy for Terminally Ill Cancer Patients," Andrew Garvin ’23 (Cognitive Science and Psychology)
"Death and Funerals in America," Micah Jesus ’25 (Sociology and Psychology) and Autumn Kolley ‘24 (Creative Writing)
"Grief and Mourning in the Wake of Parasocial and Collective Identity Loss," Seph Kier ‘23 (Psychology)
"Coping with Child Loss," Josie Kremzar ‘25 (Sociology)
"Genocide and the Expression of Grief," Connor Pfau ’24 (Sociology)
"The Potential Benefits and Future of Hospice Counseling," Chloe Prince ‘23 (Psychology)
"Differences in Grief between Sudden Loss and Expected Loss," Sadie Scovern ‘24 (Cognitive Science)
"Overdose in the US," McKenzie White ‘24 (Sociology and Criminal Justice)

Submitted by Mari Plikuhn
* UE Nursing Celebrated 70th Anniversary

The Dunigan Family School of Nursing celebrated our 70th anniversary this past reunion weekend. We were joined by alumni to celebrate the occasion, including guest speaker, Dr. Christine Kasper. Memorabilia from UE Nursing was displayed, including UE Nursing uniforms throughout the years, scrapbooks created by students, historical medical instruments, and the UE Nursing Rolodex. A great time was had by all. Visit UE Nursing's Facebook and Instagram pages to see photos of the celebration. While you are there, give us a follow!
A huge thank you to all that made this event a great success.

Submitted by Paige Baumann
* Professor McCracken publishes research article concerning false confessions

Professor Evan McCracken, Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, co-authored a paper titled, "An attribution theory–based content analysis of mock jurors’ deliberations regarding coerced confessions" in the journal, Law and Human Behavior, with Dr. Margaret Stevenson and Dr. Taylor Petty (UE alum 2015).

This research highlights internal attributions as a potential underlying psychological determinant of wrongful convictions in cases involving coerced confessions. Researchers and legal practitioners can leverage these findings to improve jurors’ evaluation of confession evidence to facilitate justice, particularly for defendants whose actual innocence renders them vulnerable to false confession and wrongful conviction.

Submitted by Evan Wayne McCracken


* Baseball Aces Use Two-Out Magic To Top Hilltoppers, 10-8

The University of Evansville baseball team scored seven two-out runs on Tuesday night to power past the visiting Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers, 10-8, at German American Bank Field at Charles H. Braun Stadium in Evansville.

“It feels great to get back into the win column,” said UE head coach Wes Carroll. “We had some great two-out at-bats tonight to really create a big inning in that second inning. Then, we were able to tack on some runs late, which was key, as we had to hold on for this win.”

WKU took a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the second inning, but that’s when UE’s two-out magic set the tone for the entire night. With two-on and two-out in the frame, fifth-year outfielder Danny Borgstrom started the two-out rally with an RBI single up the middle. Freshman designated hitter Drew Howard then plated his first collegiate RBI with a two-out RBI single to right-center field to tie the game at 2-2.

After a hit-by-pitch loaded the bases, UE fifth-year first baseman Chase Hug unloaded them with a three-run triple into the right-field corner to give UE a 5-2 lead.

Sophomore catcher Evan Waggoner would add an RBI double in the third inning, and came around to score on another RBI single by Borgstrom to push the lead to 7-2. Then, Evansville dialed up some more two-out magic in the fifth inning to plate two more two-out runs, as Howard bounced a ball that stopped on the third-base line for an infield single, and senior outfielder Mark Shallenberger belted a two-out, two-run home run deep to right field to give UE a 9-2 lead.

The lead would grow to 10-2 on an RBI single by junior second baseman Kip Fougerousse in the sixth inning, before WKU would rally back. The Hilltoppers plated three runs each in the seventh and eighth innings to rally within two runs at 10-8. Graduate outfielder Eric Roberts then moved to the mound in the ninth inning, and recorded his first save since 2021 with a perfect ninth inning, getting a strikeout looking to end the contest.

Fougerousse, Borgstrom and Howard all had two hits each to lead UE’s 11-hit attack, as the bottom trio in the Evansville order combined to go 6-for-12 with three runs scored and four RBI in the contest. Hug added three RBI, while Shallenberger’s home run was his third of the year. The victory went to UE freshman starter Max Hansmann who scattered two runs (one earned) on three base hits in a season-high 3.0 innings of work in a scheduled short-start.

With the victory, Evansville improves to 21-15 overall. WKU, meanwhile, evens its record at 19-19. Evansville returns to the road to conclude a stretch of seven out of eight games on the road this weekend, as the Purple Aces will travel to Murray, Kentucky to take on the Murray State Racers in a pivotal Missouri Valley Conference series standings-wise. Murray State currently sits a game ahead of Evansville in the Valley standings in fourth place with a 7-5 conference mark (compared to UE’s 6-6 record). The series will begin Friday night at 5 p.m. and can be heard live in the Tri-State area on 107.1 FM-WJPS and seen live on ESPN+.

Submitted by Athletics
* Men's basketball announces summer camps

Over the coming months, the University of Evansville men’s basketball program and head coach David Ragland will be hosting three summer camps.  Camp opportunities being offered include a Kids Camp, High School Camp and Elite Camp.


First on the summer schedule is the Kids Camp.  Running from May 30 through June 2, the camp runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day with registration taking place on Tuesday, May 30 at 8:30 a.m. inside the Fifth Third basketball Practice Facility.

Campers will have the opportunity to work with the UE coaching staff while meeting members of the Purple Aces men’s basketball team.  Lunch will be provided each day while each participant will receive a t-shirt.  The Kids Camp includes a variety of activities, contests and competitions.  Cost is $210 per camper and is open to any and all in grades 3-8 (as of the fall of 2023).

HIGH SCHOOL CAMP – June 26 OR June 27

High School Camp includes two dates – June 26 and June 27.  Camp cost is $300 per team with a $100 discount being given when registering two teams for the same date in the SAME transaction while a $200 discount will be applied when registering three teams for the same date within the SAME transaction.

Daily admission for spectators is $5 for adults (15+) and $2 for ages 14 and under.  Concessions will be available to attendees.  Teams are responsible for their own lunches as well as any overnight arrangements that are needed.


The third and final camp for the summer will be the Elite Camp.  Set for July 31, 2023, the camp is open to grades 9-12.  Cost is $80 and a concession stand will be available.

For more information about any of the camps, please contact Roosevelt Jones at 812-488-2297 or 

Submitted by Athletics
* Kate Petrova is the Missouri Valley Conference Champion!

In one of the most exciting finishes in Missouri Valley Conference history, University of Evansville freshman Kate Petrova won a 2-hole playoff to become the third individual in Purple Aces program history to win the conference championship.

Tuesday’s final round saw Petrova card a 4-over 76 to finish with a 231.  She finished in a 3-way tie with Kristen Giles (Drake) and Payton Carter (Murray State) atop the standings.  The three took to the 18th hole at Annbriar Golf Course where each earned a par in the first playoff.  They replayed the 18th hole where Petrova earned a birdie to clinch the championship.

Petrova becomes the third UE player to win the individual championship in seven seasons, joining Kayla Katterhenry (2017) and Sophia Rohleder (2021).  Along with her victory, Petrova was crowned as the league Newcomer of the Year while earning a spot on the All-Tournament Team.

Evansville wrapped up the tournament in a tie for second place with Belmont.  Both squads finished with 3-round scores of 952.  Missouri State took the top spot with a 943.  This marks the second-best finish in program history, finishing only behind the championship squad of 2021.  UE has earned three consecutive top five finishes in the conference championship.

Allison Enchelmayer earned a solid to 15 finish for UE.  Her 79 in round three gave her a final total of 238.  She tied for 14th.  Magdalena Borisova tied Petrova for the Aces’ low score of the day, carding a 76.  The strong finish gave her a 242, tying her for 21st.  Mallory Russell wrapped up the championship with a 245.  Round three saw her card an 81 to finish in a tie for 30th.  Alyssa McMinn rounded out the scoring with a 255.

Today marked the third time in league history that medalist honors came down to a playoff.  The last one came in 2019. 

Submitted by Athletics
* Chuck Bailey III signs with UE men's basketball

Year two for University of Evansville head men’s basketball coach David Ragland has already gotten off to a big start as the program announced the signing of Chuck Bailey III to a National Letter of Intent to join the Purple Aces for the 2023-24 season.

The highly-touted commit is a native of Hamtramck, Michigan and was rated as a four-star recruit by ESPN Scout Grade and a three-star player by 247Sports.  ESPN had Bailey ranked as the #3 player from Michigan, 22nd in the Midwest region and 35th nationally at his position.

“We are excited to officially welcome Chuck and his family to our UE family,” Ragland said.  “Chuck exemplifies what we are looking for in a UE student-athlete.  He is an extremely talented player that is even a better person.”

“Chuck offensively is able to score at all 3 levels.  He also has the ability to dribble, pass and shoot which makes him an efficient decision maker,” Ragland continued.  “We look forward to working with Chuck to ensure he continues to excel academically, socially and athletically.  His best days in the classroom and on the court are ahead of him and we can't wait for our Aces fans to get to know him.”

Bailey, a 6-foot-5 combo guard, played for Hamtramck High School (Mich.) as a senior in 2022-23.  He was named a 3rd Team All-State and 1st Team All-Area player by Detroit News.  As a senior, he recorded 21 points and 7 rebounds per game.

Submitted by Athletics
* UE Swimming & Diving Announces Post-Season Awards At Team Banquet

University of Evansville head swimming and diving coach Stuart Wilson announced the program’s annual award winners on Sunday, as the UE swimming and diving program held their annual end-of-the-year banquet.

Team Most Valuable Performer awards went to junior Alon Baer (Gesher HaZiv, Israel) and senior Maya Cunningham (Yakima, Wash./Eisenhower) on the men’s and women’s sides, as they amassed the highest individual point totals this season for UE in dual meet and championship meet action.  UE’s Most Improved Award on the male side went to senior Riccardo Di Domenico (Johannesburg, South Africa), while sophomore Mari Müller (Zurich, Switzerland) earned the Most Improved Award on the women’s side.

Junior diver Madison Rollett (Evansville, Ind./Reitz) earned the Geoff Keller Memorial Award given to UE’s Diver of the Year.  Sophomore Daniel Santos Lopez (Madrid, Spain), meanwhile, earned the Mike Radomski #RockThePlanet Award, given for the best team spirit and attitude.

Wilson also announced his team captains for the upcoming 2023-24 season at the banquet, as both Baer and Santos Lopez will serve as team captains from the men’s team, while Rollett and Müller will represent the women’s squad as captains.

The UE swimming and diving program had a tremendous 2022-23 season, in which the UE men set 16 new school records, while the UE women added four new school marks.  Overall, a school record was broken 32 different times throughout the course of the season, and the Purple Aces also excelled in the classroom, as both teams captured CSCAA Scholar All-America Team honors during the fall.

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