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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

* 2020 Commencement Announcement

Dear UE Community, 

While this semester has taken an unanticipated turn for all of us, the University of Evansville recognizes the importance of celebrating the educational achievements of our Class of 2020. Each one of our students has had a life-changing experience at UE – whether studying at home or abroad, through hours of classroom and out-of-classroom experiences, our students have made lifelong connections. We want to celebrate those moments, in person, at a rescheduled Commencement ceremony.

After much discussion and input from students, faculty, and staff, we are rescheduling graduation to take place during Homecoming Weekend on the morning of September 19, 2020, at the Ford Center. Your participation greatly enriches the significance of the celebration. We feel this is a unique way to celebrate and reunite our current alumni and welcome the entire Class of 2020 to the UE Alumni Association.

Though the ceremony is rescheduled, the traditions remain. The Outstanding Senior Service Award will be presented during Commencement. Faculty and staff are currently submitting nomination materials to the selection committee, and selections will be made this spring.

As in years past, our keynote speaker will be a member of the graduating Class of 2020. The deadline for submissions has been extended, and we are looking forward to hearing the perspectives and experiences of our students as we select one for this special occasion.

The Homecoming Weekend schedule is being developed now, and it will include time for everyone to enjoy all the festivities (i.e. ballgames, alumni events, etc.). It also promises to be a momentous homecoming as so many of us on campus will reunite after being away for so long. More details are forthcoming. 

Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz
University of Evansville

* Donate to Aces Haven

We need your help! Aces Haven is a student established resource center that features a fully stocked food pantry, personal hygiene items, and various articles of clothing. Additionally, we have established an electronic food pantry that allows us to transfer donated Ace Bucks. We have some students still on campus and off campus who need our help in the days ahead. Currently open 10am to 1pm, Monday - Friday. Items can be left outside of Neu Chapel at the east door.

* Coronavirus Information for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


Info You Should Know

* Pcard Reconciliation/Cycle Report Process Change for MARCH due to COVID-19


The March Pcard cycle ended at midnight last night and cycle reports may be ran as of tomorrow morning, Wednesday, March 25.

Please note the following:

Pcard Reconciliation/Cycle Report Process Change for MARCH due to COVID-19:

1. All cardholders should SAVE their March cycle report, after running it.

2. Please use the following File Format when naming your March Cycle Report File to SAVE as a PDF.

  • The File Format should include the Name on your Pcard as the name appears on the card (Jane Smith or Biology), Month (Mar) and Year (2020).
  • For example: “JaneSmithMar2020” or “BiologyMar2020”

3. Once the Cycle Report file is saved, send the file via email to and “CC” a courtesy copy to your Supervisor.

  • Supervisors are encouraged to review and discuss transactions remotely with the cardholder. Any changes should be made by the cardholder prior to the General Ledger SDG2 “upload/lock out” scheduled for March 28.

4. Cardholders should continue to save all reciepts for the monthly cycle and print a copy of the Cycle report to place in a Pcard envelope. The Pcard envelope may be processed as normal upon your return to campus.

We thank you for your timely reconciliation during this time of challenges and opportunities.

Please watch for additional Pcard announcements via PcardNews and AceNotes as we look to implement future updates.

* New issue of the Crescent is now online!

The Crescent, University of Evansville's student magazine, is available for FREE right now to all students online at Due to complications with COVID-19, we were not able to print a physical copy of the magazine for magazine stands around campus. However, that didn’t stop the hard work and dedication of the staff to still put out a high quality product for the UE community. We hope you will support Student Media and the hardworking students at the Crescent by checking out our latest issue.

The Crescent is a student magazine - by and for the students of the University of Evansville - that is published six times during the academic year. The Crescent serves as an open forum for the UE community. Copies are free to students and the goal is to present relevant content in a fair, accurate, and unbiased manner.

* Solution Station Wednesday: How can we help?

We've all been through a big change this semester. Do you have questions, concerns, or needs that we can help with? How are you adjusting to online classes? Are you unsure about where to get assistance for a problem you're having, now that there's no office to walk into?

The Solution Station is BACK and online via ZOOM today (Wednesday) and each Wednesday through the rest of the semester.

Come on in and let's talk - we'll do our best to give you the information you need or get back to you with the answer!

Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (Central Time)

Zoom ID: 856-620-3357
Zoom Link:

* Library Resources and Assistance

University of Evansville Library has been working with vendors to offer expanded access to collections for the remainder of the school year.

  • JSTOR has agreed to open access to all collections and ebooks beginning March 20 and running until June 1.
  • The University of Michigan Press has opened access to scholarly EBooks, beginning in March and running until April 30.
  • Oxford University Press is offering access to COVID-19 content, in addition to our current collection, for the foreseeable future.
  • JoVE is offering access to their science education videos until June 15, you must create an account first.
  • Elsevier is expanding their collection of online textbooks and is also offering information about the novel coronavirus.
  • Project Muse is working with publishers to offer free ebooks and ejournals through their platform. The length of free access is set by the publisher so could disappear at their discretion.
  • Ovid is offering tools and resources to clinicians and researchers about COVID-19.
  • Pearson is offering tools and tips for academics during the pandemic. Aimed at UK institutions, you may still find some useful information here to get you through the remainder of the semester.
  • I am working with Kanopy, which we trialed last fall, to offer access to their online streaming content. Consultation is still in the works, but you can browse the catalog at the link above. Some of their collections include The Great Courses and PBS publications. I will update you when purchase options are available.
  • UEL offers access to the New York Times. If you haven’t already signed up, follow these instructions to set up your account using your UE email address.
  • Flipster magazines are available as well, which you can access from our website. Or you can download the app to your tablet or phone and download issues to your device. Follow the simple instructions on the app and choose University of Evansville as your institution.
  • As always, we have an extensive collection of Databases available from our website and Quest is available. Use Off-Campus Access and log in using your library barcode.
  • And while we’re sheltering in place, Creative Bug is offering a two month free trial so you can learn a new craft to fill the hours when you’re not teaching or studying.

If you’re looking for something to keep you or your loved ones entertained, a podcast is always a safe bet. Some of my favorites include:

  • Stuff You Missed in History Class, which is offering some past light topic favorites, including one on intentional train wrecks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Radio Lab is always entertaining and informative.
  • For those who have a taste for the macabre Casefile True Crime, which deals with murders and kidnappings, should be right up your alley.
  • I also recommend Atlanta Monster, Monster: the Zodiac Killer, and their latest Monster: DC Sniper, which profiles serial killings.

If you have any questions (or suggestions for other podcasts) feel free to contact me or any of your hard working librarians. We’re doing all we can to make access to resources as painless as possible.

* Writing Center Problem & Solution

Hello, Campus Community! I’m sorry if you’ve set up a Writing Center appointment and been unable to communicate with our tutors.They’ve been signed in, just as you have been, but for some reason, the software is not allowing communication. What I’d ask you to do is email the tutor (you can see their names when you make an appointment, but they cannot see yours) and y’all can find the best way to work from there. They’ve all been told to keep their email open, and I’m hopeful that we’ll have the software fixed as soon as possible (at which point I will let everyone know through Acenotes). I appreciate your patience with us as we move our Writing Center, which is normally dependent on being face-to-face, online. To the students who have emailed me so far: your patience and kindness during this time has been exceptional, and I am happy to email your professors and let them know how hard you tried to get in with us. Just email if you need further information or help.

* Join us on Facebook Live for March's Mindfulness Workshop

From the comforts of your home, join Liz McCormick on Monday (3/23) at 12 pm for March's Mindfulness Workshop on Facebook Live! Go to the University of Evansville Fitness Center Facebook page to join in. More details will be posted on the Facebook page. If you are unable to join live, the activity will remain posted for replay. Stay engaged and stay healthy!

Liz McCormick

* New EAP Information for Employees Insured with Meritain Health

Get the Health Care You Need—When You Need It

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) are actively monitoring the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which has infected thousands of people worldwide.

At Meritain Health®, we are focused on the health and safety of our members. That’s why Meritain Health takes steps to plan on your behalf. We’re here to help.

Fill your prescriptions

If you need to replace your medication or request a refill, that’s okay. Simply call the Customer Service number of your pharmacy plan to speak with a representative. The phone number of your pharmacy plan is listed on your member ID card.

What to do if you’ve lost your ID card

Taking care of yourself and your family’s safety is your number one concern. And if you’ve left home without your health care ID card, that’s OK. You can call 1.888.324.5789 to speak with a Customer Service representative with questions and for more information.

Get the medical care you need

If you need urgent or emergency care but are away from home, you can always visit an urgent care center or hospital no matter where you are*. And when you need non-urgent care, you can visit your online account to search for a provider in your network. It’s available to you around the clock—24 hours a day.

Additionally, Aetna has opened its Resources for Living services, regardless of whether or not you already have this service as part of your benefits plan. You can call 1.833.327.2386 for any questions or concerns you may have.

Find answers to your health care questions

If you have other questions, need help finding a provider, or just need help using your health care benefits away from home, we’re here for you. Simply call Meritain Health Customer Service using the phone number on your member ID card. You can also call 1.888.324.5789 for assistance.

* Applicable plan terms apply.

* Masters/Doctoral Grads Still Needing to Order Cap and Gown

If you are a Masters or Doctoral grad who still needs to order your cap/gown/hood, you have until March 27th to do so by email. Please email us at with you name, your degree, phone number, best email, and height.

Your prepackaged regalia will arrive in mid- to late April, and we will be sending out an email blast to everyone who has ordered. You will pay the time of pick-up.

Becky Lamont



* IndianaComputes! Awarded State Contract

The University of Southern Indiana and the University of Evansville are excited to announce that IndianaComputes!, a collaboration of universities across the state of Indiana has been awarded a state contract of more than $600,000 to accelerate and deepen computer science capacity in Indiana. The contract identifies IndianaComputes! as one of only five organizations approved by the Indiana Department of Education to deliver computer science teacher training, and one of only two organizations approved to train educators across the entire K-12 grade range. USI and UE are teaming-up to assist educators in southwest Indiana which includes Dubois, Gibson, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Warrick and Vanderburgh counties.

The contract will fund services such as workshops, coursework, and resource development. To optimize teacher convenience, the services will be offered online as well as supported by more than a dozen collaborating universities and colleges located around the state. All services will be provided free of charge to Indiana educators. Training launches this coming summer and continues into next year. Three hours of graduate course credit through Indiana University is also  available.

For more information, contact Deborah Hwang, Director and Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Evansville:

To find out more about the IndianaComputes! Program in southwest Indiana, please visit the webpage at


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