During the past two weeks we have had two reports of a suspicious person walking around in Graves Hall. The first occasion was on Monday, May 7. The person was found on the second floor sitting in one of the classroom. He was a white male, wearing a dark T-shirt and jeans. A security officer stopped him and was told by the person he was just looking for a place to take a break. The officer was unable to obtain an identification from the person and he was advised he was on private property and needed to leave immediately. He left without incident.

On Thursday, May 24, this same person was in Graves Hall reported to be acting strangely. It was reported that the person came to a woman’s office and gave her a set of keys that he said he found sticking in the lock of an office. The woman also advised that she had seen him checking doors to see if they were open.

A security officer arrived shortly after being dispatched, but by the time an officer reached Graves Hall the person had already left the building and was walking east on Walnut crossing Weinbach. On this occasion, he was wearing a black hat, red tank top, black shorts and a blue backpack. As a reminder to all students, don't leave backpacks or personal items sitting around in the hallways or unoccupied classrooms.

If a person of this description is seen in Graves Hall or any other building acting in a suspicious manner, please notify the Security Office at ext. 2051, immediately.